Fruit Pizza

Breakfast Fruit Pizza

Sweet breakfast style fruit pizza, perfect for a quick morning meal or an afternoon snack. This recipe is so easy to make your kids can do it themselves!

Red Sangria

Red Sangria Recipe

This easy red sangria recipe is the absolute BEST sangria recipe we’ve ever made. Fruity, full-flavored, and loaded with boozy saturated fruit.

Swimsuit Cover Ups! Fashion advice on

Swimsuit Cover Ups

Today our resident fashionista, Cara Leavitt, is here to share some thoughts on swimsuit coverups.

dessert pizza

Cantaloupe and Sweet Ricotta Pizza

Cantaloupe and Sweet Ricotta Pizza with Pine Nuts! This dessert pizza is loaded with flavor and visual appeal. It also makes a fabulous summer side dish. 

Focaccia Bread Recipe

Fresh Berry Focaccia

Amazing Focaccia Bread with fresh raspberries, blackberries, and honey! This sweet and savory focaccia bread recipe is fabulous for summer picnic baskets and afternoon snacks.

Snapper Recipe - Whole Roasted Snapper with Anchovy Butter and Herbs #bakedfish #snapperrecipe

Roasted Snapper Recipe with Anchovy Butter and Herbs

Whole Roasted Snapper Recipe with Anchovy Butter and Fresh Herbs. An italian seaside favorite baked fish offering sensational flavor and visual appeal.

Classic Vegetable Lasagna (White Lasagna) #italian #lasagna #pasta

Vegetable Lasagna

This zesty vegetable lasagna is a white lasagna variation filled with fresh summer veggies and loads of cheese! It’s so easy to make and oh so delizioso!

Tiramisu Pops

Creamy Tiramisu Pops

Easy freezer pops inspired by the popular Italian treat Tiramisu. These creamy dreamy pops are fun to make and even more fun to eat, with a strong espresso flavor and a little punch of booze!

Grilled Octopus Bruschetta

Grilled Octopus Bruschetta

Happy Independence Day! This succulent grilled octopus bruschetta recipe is a thrilling example of rustic Italian indulgence… Like fireworks of flavor!

Pesto Pizza

Pesto Pizza with Burrata Prosciutto & Microgreens

Crusty Pesto Pizza with prosciutto, microgreens, and fresh cool creamy burrata cheese. This simple Italian grilled pizza is a masterpiece of simplicity!


Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy

My very smart friend Francie Black from is here with us today, sharing cool techie tricks to make digital scrapbooking easier.