Strawberry Chipotle Jam

It’s officially strawberry season in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our farmers markets are full of fresh ruby-hued orbs and strawberry desserts adorn local restaurant dessert menus. This time of year my family can’t seem...


Southern Shrimp and Grits

All generalizations are false, including this one. ~Mark Twain


Yogurt Cheesecake with Orange Shortbread Crust and Chambord Honey Drizzle

That might be the longest recipe title ever, but at least you can see IMMEDIATELY that this cheesecake is special. Even special enough to grace your Mothers Day table!


Fried Calamari Salad with Caperberries and Lemon Aioli

Looking back on my life, I recognize the most effective heart-felt lessons have been extremely painful to learn. Often we hope and pray for smooth sailing;–for health, wealth, and loving relationships. We claim to...


Bacon & Nutella Napoleons

Bacon Desserts; they’re trendy right now. Actually “trendy” isn’t quite strong enough to describe the impact of pork fat and sugar on food culture. It’s literally EVERYWHERE. Donuts served with bacon on top, chocolate...


Chocolate Raspberry Pots de Creme (GIVEAWAY)

One thing I love about living in Asheville, North Carolina is that it attracts food lovers. People visit here for all sorts of food festivals throughout the year. Others come to stay; opening restaurants,...

Pan con Tomate

Pan con Tomate

Pan con Tomate, complements of Curate Tapas Bar in Asheville, North Carolina.


Gambas al Ajillo ~ Asheville’s Cúrate Tapas Bar

Gambas al Ajillo from Curate Tapas Bar in Asheville, North Carolina. Some people wonder aimlessly through life, responding to whatever trial or happiness drifts their way. Others look at the world as a giant...


Asian Beef and Bok Choy Salad

Asian Beef and Bok Choy Salad   The lesson of fish sauce: Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many. ~Phaedrus As I was preparing dinner this evening, I opened...


Grilled Ham Steaks with Southern Kale Salad

Sometimes a good idea appears out of thin air. Other times it comes from an inspired experience. Recently I ate my very first RAW kale salad. Why had I never eaten kale in it’s...


Coconut Nutella Cupcakes

Marriage and Cupcakes~ I’ve been married for almost twelve years and have been friends with my husband for nearly 17 years. I married my best friend–something I highly recommend.