Cioppino Recipe

San Franciscan Cioppino

It was luring me. Making it’s beguiling qualities present at every turn. Cioppino.

Salsa Verde Burger with Fontina Watermelon and Basil

Summer’s Best Burger?

Salsa Verde Burger with Fontina, Watermelon and Basil. We’ll call it the eccentric, yet amiable, aunt of the burger family. Joke about her all you want, but you KNOW she’s who you’re dying to...

Salsa Verde Recipe

Creamy Avocado Salsa Verde

Straight out of the ASP garden ~ freshly picked Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde Recipe that will make your head spin!


Affogato al Cafe

What is it about Italian desserts and Italian accents that make the world swoon? I don’t have the answers to such mystical secrets. Yet I can tell you, once you taste Affogato al Cafe,...

Breakfast Salad

Breakfast Salad and ManPans Giveaway

The unconventional morning meal ~ Breakfast Salad with Cinnamon Toast Croutons and Maple Vinaigrette. Who knew a salad for breakfast could be so good?


Chile Lime Mango and Papaya

Fruit with attitude ~ SPICY Chile Lime Mango and Papaya. Certain recipes are almost too easy to mention. Yet, it’s the simple ideas that we all long for in this crazy whirl-wind we call...

Homemade Potato Chip Recipe

Gourmet Napa Style Potato Chips

Asheville’s The Gourmet Chip Company serves up worldly and decedent homemade potato chips. One aspect of ASP that I thoroughly enjoy, is telling the stories of people in my community and their passion for...

Johnny Cake

Jamaican Johnny Cakes

Vacation Qualms and Jamaican Johnny Cakes. Before we moved to the mountains, we used to vacation in the mountains. Now that we live in the lush rolling slopes of North Carolina, we travel elsewhere...

Fruity Rice Krispies Kebabs

Fruity Rice Krispies Kabobs

The summertime Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treat Challenge is upon us. After much krispielicious experimentation, Team Asheville is ready to share our entry.

How To Make Fried Rice

Classic Thai Fried Rice

Wanderlust- a strong desire to wander, to travel and to explore the world. I’ve got the bug… and a killer “vintage ASP” Thai Fried Rice Recipe for you today, pulled out of the shadows...

Strawberry Malt Cheesecakes

Strawberry Malt Cheesecakes ~ Cook for the Cure (GIVEAWAY)

It’s an honor to write this post today. I’m thrilled to share that two beloved companies have teamed up to assist the global leader in the fight against breast cancer, Susan G. Komen for...