30 Luscious Layered Dessert Recipes

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Today we’re sharing 30 Luscious Layered Dessert Recipes you’ve got to try… As soon as possible!

30 Luscious Layered Dessert Recipes on ASpicyPerspective.com

I was recently looking through some of our older dessert recipes to plan our holiday menus, and made a startling discovery. Apparently I’m addicted to treats with layers.

Seriously addicted.

I can’t seem to get enough of them. Whether it’s a tall layer cake slathered with frosting, or cookie bars stuffed with some sort of filling, the more layers the better, apparently.

So I put together a collection of my favorite 30 Luscious Layered Dessert Recipes. These are absolute must-make recipes that those of you who share my infatuation with layers will appreciate immensely. You’re welcome.

Layer Lovers Unite!

(Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the recipes. Then click the title link to get the recipe.)

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