Layered Mousse Cake

Jello Mousse

Classic Jello Mousse reborn as an elegant Jello Cake Recipe. This fruity and exceptionally easy mousse recipe is way too good to pass up!

Can I tell you a secret? I love jello.

I know we grownups are supposed to have matured past this brightly-colored jiggly treat, but I openly admit, I have not.

Jello Cake Recipe

Whatever happened to those Jello Salads and the Jello Fluff our grandmothers used to make? Weren’t they the highlight of any church potluck? Say what you will, but they were always the first thing to disappear from the table.

I hope I’m never too sophisticated not to find a thrill in this classic treat.

Easy Mousse RecipeSleek Dishes from Villeroy & Boch.

This easy Jello Cake Recipe is so simple to make, my 7 year old can prepare it himself. Layered with jello mousse and graham crackers, this treat is light, fluffy, and full of fruity essence. The easy mousse recipe is made of jello, cream cheese and whipped topping. Once assembled, the jello mousse sets and softens the graham crackers layers, creating a 6 layered dessert that looks like a cake when cut.

How To Make Jello Cake

Plus, it is classically elegant and can be decorated any way you like. I made three flavors this week, raspberry, lemon and apricot, then decorated the tops with fresh and dried fruit to match the flavor. (The lemon was my favorite.)

This jello cake recipe can be made several days ahead and is the perfect surprise to bring to your Easter brunch. My kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. YAY for JELLO!

Jello Mousse Cake

Exciting news for those on a Gluten Free Diet. The Jello, Cool Whip and Cream Cheese in this easy mousse recipe are all Gluten Free. If you buy Gluten Free Graham Crackers, this Easter treat is all yours!

I’ve been hanging out over at the Udi’s Gluten Free Online Community the last few months. If you are looking for more Gluten Free Easter recipes, head over and check it out. The Udi’s website is a fantastic resource for anyone new to the Gluten Free lifestyle.


Yield: 12 servings

Prep Time: 20 minutes + 2 hours chill time

Jello Mousse ~ Jello Cake Recipe


3 oz. box Jello, any flavor
1 cup hot water
8 oz. cream cheese
8 oz. tub cool whip, thawed
24 whole graham crackers (could be gluten free!)
Fresh or dried fruit for garnish


Place scalding hot water in a bowl, add the jello packet and whisk until the jello dissolves.

In a separate larger bowl, beat the cream cheese with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Scrape the bowl, then slowly add the warm jello mixture into the cream cheese and beat until there are no clumps.

Allow the jello mixture to cool to room temperature, then fold in the cool whip.

Line a 8 X 11 inch pan with foil. Place 6 whole graham crackers at the bottom of the pan, creating a flat, tight layer. Spoon 1/3 of the jello mousse over the graham crackers and smooth. Repeat with remaining crackers and jello mousse until you have three layers of cracker and three layers of mousse in the jello cake recipe.

Place in the fridge to cool for at least two hours, to set the mousse and soften the graham crackers.

Lift the jello cake out of the pan with the edges of the foil. Trim the messy edges and cut into 12 pieces. Garnish and serve.

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